Object Astra

AI powered profit sharing superconnector

The platform to turn your business ideas into reality, and your skills into equity. Creating the next big idea in a world of possibilities.

How it works

Have an idea, but don't know where on earth to start?

Object Astra brings talent front and centre so you can partner up with like-minded individuals keen to join you and explore your new business idea.

  • icon-idea-arrives

    When the idea arrives

    When you have that lightbulb moment but don't have the skills or experience to bring the idea to life.

  • icon-stars

    Find the star for the show

    Post the business idea on Object Astra and we will help you find like-minded individuals, invested in bringing it to life.

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    Take over the world

    With the dream team now on hand, there is no telling where your idea will take you.

Our platform

Navigating it all

Through Object Astra, you can submit an unlimited number of ideas or existing business you own and collaborate with people to grow them all. Or join a multitude of start-up's, increasing your chances of success. Or do both!

Create an income from your ideas

Turn your idea into a product or service by collaborating with people who have the experience and ability to develop it into a cash earning business.

New project

Stay on track

Keep motivated, and always know what to do next. Fully integrated task manager.


Own equity in a start-up

Exchange your skills and experiences for ownership and profit share by helping new and existing businesses take off.


for $1.50 a month

You cannot afford not to join

For less than the price of a lottery ticket or a Vanilla Bean Crème Frappuccino you get full access to all services, no premium upgrades or future price hikes. Fixed at $1.50 per month, for ever.